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Show-Me Gold and Silver supports our community and many worthy causes through donations and by assisting companies and groups to raise funds for their chosen charity or group.  We can help you to raise money for your favorite charity or organization, be it St. Jude's Children Hospital, a local charitable group, or a child's sports team.  We help you to coordinate an event and bring the party to you!  Employees, colleagues, friends, and family bring unwanted gold silver or platinum jewelry to sell.  Your guests are thrilled because they are helping to support your cause, they leave with money for their items, and they will have a great time in the process.  There is no pressure to sell, and everything is explained to each individual in regards to why they're getting what amount of money.  

It's so easy, it may be the best way to raise money for any cause.  Show-Me Gold and Silver will write a check to your charity or group for 20% of the total purchased at your event.  Your guests can sell heir unwanted gold, silver, platinum, silver and gold, coins, sterling tea sets or flatware, and even broken jewelry.  For example, if your guests bring in $1,000 of jewelry to sell at your event, they will be paid $1,000 for those items, and we issue a check for 20% to your organization.  Your guests can also donate their items, and 100% of the purchase price will be given to the organization.  If your guests choose to donate, and it is a qualifying charitable organization, a receipt will be provided*.  This will still add 20% to the total purchased for your fundraiser.

We'll provide you with the expertise that will bring everything necessary to purchase at your event.  The process is easy and we will help take care of all of the details for you.  We stay in touch with you prior to your fundraiser to answer any questions.  There is absolutely nothing to buy.  Above all else, a gold selling fundraising event should be profitable for your worthy cause.  What other fund raising event can people attend where there's no pressure to buy anything?  None.  And better yet, they can actually leave the event with a check in hand.  How does it work you ask?  Well, it's actually quite simple.

We group each person's items by metal type and/or Karat (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.).  We then weigh each group on a jeweler's scale.  We calculate the total selling price and explain the breakdown to the guest, they can decide to sell individually or all of the items that they choose.  There is absolutely no pressure to sell, and everything is explained in detail to them.  Once you host your own gold selling fundraiser, you'll be telling everybody about it!  Most fundraising activities require guests to spend money buying items they may not have otherwise wanted or needed.  Many people come to these events out of a sense of obligation.  A gold selling fundraiser is the opposite....instead of asking them to come SPEND money, you help them to MAKE money!  And since just about everyone has unwanted and broken gold jewelry, it's appealing to almost everybody.  Best of all 20% of total purchased** goes to the charity or group.  There is no obligation for your guests to sell!


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